Google Adwords Services

While most people are now focusing on social media for traffic, Google Adwords has continued to be an extremely reliable traffic source that continues to net businesses’ crores per year in new revenue.
Our goal is to cut through all misinformation and give you the facts on how and why your most reliable ad traffic is waiting for you and why it is easier than you think to get started now more than ever.
We want to give you the tools and confidence to launch and manage your own pay-per-click campaigns with Google Adwords Service.

Google Adwords Services

This program works for you if:

You don’t want to trade your firstborn in order to learn how to create profitable Adwords campaigns.

You don’t want to sell your soul to have a third-party agency create these campaigns for you.

You’re a beginner and you barely know what Google Adwords is.

You’re an expert who lives and breathes marketing campaigns and wants to master Google paid ads.

You’re a business owner wanting to create campaigns for your own business.

You are a web designer or marketing expert and want to create campaigns for your client’s business.

Or…if you just want to create successful,  profitable Google Adwords campaigns Service.


How did we create the program?

If you’ve tried Adwords campaigns before with underwhelming results, that’s ok. We’ve been there. We had to learn from the ground up, too. That’s why we created this formula, to help you learn in a matter of days what we spent years learning and perfecting.

This formula helps ensure that you’ll maximize ROIs with your campaigns as long as you follow it step by step.

Our formula is constructed with easy-to-implement, white hat strategies that will be around through updates to the platform. It isn’t based on loopholes or cheap tricks that will be edited out in the next upgrade. These are long-term tactics that will ensure your success for years to come.


Google AdWords campaign management Service


So how did we come up with it?

After spending years as an Adwords campaign manager and consultant for clients, I was able to see all the mistakes users were making.

Most of these mistakes were being made over and over, and once they were cleared up, clients saw an immediate improvement in campaign performance.

We created this program to teach users what those mistakes are so they can avoid them and see the biggest ROIs possible from their google Adwords campaigns service.

Google Adwords Tutorial Service

. We create an Adwords account and campaigns for an actual business, showing you how to apply these tactics for an actual business instead of in theory.

Module 1

takes you into settings. You see:

-How to set up your account for success, including will billing options
-Some ways you can save money when opening your account

Module 2

talks all about setting up your campaign. We discuss:

-The best settings for your campaign, including scheduling, bid strategies, and settings that can help you optimize conversions.
-How to choose a location
-How to decide on and set a budget

Module 3

dives into Adwords account structure. You learn:

  • How to structure your campaigns within your account, and your Adgroups

within your campaigns.

The best structures to succeed with your campaigns.

Keyword Research
-Keyword Match Types
-Adding and Changing Match Types
-Negative Keywords
-Adding Negative Keywords
-Peel & Stick Keywords
-Pausing and Deleting Keywords
-Keyword Quality Scores

Module 5 

goes over text ads. We teach you:
-How to create text ads, including best practices for conversions
-Dynamic keyword insertion into the text ads.
-Keyword level destination URL’s

Module 6

Discusses ad extensions. We teach you about:
-What Ad extensions are and why they are so important
-Sitelink Extensions
-Location extensions
-Call extensions
-App extensions
-Review extensions

Module 7

Focuses on conversion tracking. You can discover:
-How you can measure which campaigns are converting.
-How far clicks are taking you, customers. You can see if customers click on your ad but then don’t purchase.
-That understanding conversion tracking is one of the most important parts of creating strong Adwords campaigns and maximizing your ROI.

Module 8

is about Adwords tools such as the search query and labels tools. We show you how to use:
-The Search Query Tool
-And more

Module 9 

Shows you how to handle reporting. You can see:
-How to generate keywords reports
-How to segment statistics.

Google AdWords MCC 

Google Adwords MCC means Manage multiple google ads accounts for the customer.

Google ads Service pricing

Google Standard Campaign Set Service up Pricing + Keyword Research Charges + Handling Charges 20% from your budget Spending Pricing

We also give you advanced training.

We teach you how to use the offline Adwords Editor to help make your campaign management so much quicker, easier, and more efficient.

We offer continual, up-to-date news. As Google changes its algorithms (which happens frequently) and updates the Adwords platform, we’ll keep you updated and let you know what changes are happening.

Since it can be hard to keep up with different platforms and their constant updates and changes, having all of them listed in one reliable place is an incredibly valuable resource.






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